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CityLife Milano by Zaha Hadid

The high-rise as a building typology has traditionally been treated as a static, fixed strategy; the tower is reduced to a technocratic, engineering ‘solution’ governed by specific economic factors.

E.ON Energy Research Centre by Zaha Hadid

E.ON ENERGY RESEARCH CENTREAachen Germany2006–TBC PROGRAM: E.ON Energy Research DepartmentRWTH Aachen, 5 Faculties, Laboratories, Seminar Rooms CLIENT: Building and Real Estate NRW, Aachen SIZE: 5000 m² CONCEPT: The new…

Stone Towers | Zaha Hadid Architects

Stone Towers development is part of the wider Stone Park development which derives its name from an ancient petrifi ed tree at the heart of the development.The New Cairo City site optimally positions the Stone Towers to offer state of ....

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