Deconstructive style Sneakers Building designed by Chris LaBrooy. Extruded Sneaker mash up rendered in glass, steel, concrete and wood.

This is The Art Center, final year project(School Project), designed by Julia Kunikowska.

Alex Lozano from Miami, Florida explores ideas of prosthetic architecture . prosthetics can be subdivided into two categories: 1) those that rehabilitate and 2) those that enhance.

Like a crystal growing from rock, a dramatic structure emerges from the ground. The Villa, Daniel Libeskind’s first signature series home, creates a new dialogue between contemporary living and a completely new experience of space.

The new building of the University of Lüneburg in Germany, designed by the famous American architect Daniel Libeskind.

Graham Thompson proposed this scheme for the design of a new building which focuses on an experimental and challenging presence on 339 Lafayette Street

The National Museum of Archeology and Earth Sciences (MNAST) is located on one of Rabat's highest points: the gardens of the Lyautey Residence, which used to house Morocco’s French administrator.

The competition brief required us to upgrade a specific site of our choosing. We selected an industrial site, CET Grozavesti,

The high-rise as a building typology has traditionally been treated as a static, fixed strategy; the tower is reduced to a technocratic, engineering ‘solution’ governed by specific economic factors.

Stone Towers development is part of the wider Stone Park development which derives its name from an ancient petrifi ed tree at the heart of the development.The New Cairo City site optimally positions the Stone Towers to offer state of ....

The organisation of the building exploits the obvious sequence of front to back for the phasing of public/busy to more withdrawn/quiet activities.The façade envelope is pulled in under a large diagonally projecting top floor.