3D printed 2-string Piezoelectric Violin by MONAD Studio

Designed by MONAD Studio / Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg in collaboration with musician Scott F. Hall

Titled ‘MULTI’ the project is a fully 3D printed art installation which will be hosted by Meckler Media at the upcoming 3D Print Design Show in New York, April 16-17 – Javits Convention Center.It consists of a 4meters x 2 meters framework that holds 5 music instruments:
– 2-string piezoelectric violin
– monobarasitar
– cello
– small didgeridoo
– hornucopia (large didgeridoo)
3 performers will play live the 5 instruments throughout the day in what promises to be an audience of thousands.
The framework itself is also another instrument which produces a drone, sonic environment that highlights the radical design of these instruments.
The artifacts are in prototype stage at the moment, they are made to order.

Project Team: Jack Garcia, Stephanie Colon, Zoe Zoe Russian, Stephany Guinan, Albert Elias, Hex Ceballos, Manuel Perez-Trujillo.