Robot Chisel ‘Robotor’ The Future of Marble Robotic Sculpting

The Era of Robotic Sculpting: Revolutionizing the Artistic Landscape

The art world has always been a playground for innovation and creativity, and now it has a new player in the form of a robotic sculptor, Robotor. Developed by Filippo Tincolini and Giacomo Massari, co-founders of the contemporary art studio, TorArt, Robotor is a revolutionary machine that can replicate and potentially replace the works of great artists using self-programming software.

Robot Chisel 'Robotor' The Future of Marble Robotic Sculpting

The Birth of Robotic Sculpting

Located in the heart of the quarrying district of Carrara, Italy, the same place where Michelangelo sourced the prized marble for his sculptures, the co-founders of Robotor were inspired to create a technology that could make sculpting easier, safer, and more efficient. They envisioned an era where sculptures would no longer be made of “broken stones, chisels, and dust,” but scans and draws.

Robot Chisel 'Robotor' The Future of Marble Robotic Sculpting

Robotor: The Ultimate Sculpting Solution

Robotor is a masterpiece of design and engineering, equipped with a mechanical arm that uses electro-spindles and automatic tool change. It stands on a base that is inspired by lunar modules and contains electrical and hydraulic components. The rotary table can support workpieces up to 50 tons, making it an essential accessory to take advantage of the robot’s flexibility.

How It Works?

Robotor’s self-programming software, OR-OS, simplifies the production of complex sculptures in less time. The robot first analyzes the stone or material it is going to work on and identifies the points around the material where it can carve. The users plan the workflow and start with the scan of the product they want the robot to produce. Then the software nudges the robot chisel to select the types of tools it will use during the different stages of the process, from sculpting the material to polishing it and dusting it off with bursts of water.

The robot can also work autonomously, managing and controlling the reproduction all by itself, thanks to its programming ability. The software checks the processing phases, the status of the robot, and the components in real-time and informs the users of any anomalies as soon as it receives them.

Robot Chisel 'Robotor' The Future of Marble Robotic Sculpting

Advantages of Robotic Sculpting

Robotor’s technology has several advantages that make it stand out in the sculpting world. First, it can reduce material waste by repurposing discarded materials into other sculptures. Second, it can help reduce operating costs, energy consumption, and production times. Third, it can weather heavy loads even in the most hostile environments, making it suitable for any sculpting job.

Robot Chisel 'Robotor' The Future of Marble Robotic Sculpting

Robotic Sculpting: The Future of Art

Robotor’s entrance into the artistic landscape marks a significant shift in the way art is created and perceived. The use of robotics in sculpting opens up endless possibilities for artists to explore new techniques and mediums, leading to a new wave of innovation in the art world.


In conclusion, the Robotor is a game-changer in the world of sculpting. It simplifies the production of complex sculptures, reduces material waste, and increases efficiency. Its use of robotics technology marks a new era in art and creativity, offering endless possibilities for artists to explore and innovate. The future of sculpting is here, and it looks promising.

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Project Details: 

FoundersFilippo Tincolini and Giacomo Massari
Technology:OS-OR self-programming software