Skywater Tower proposal for the Taichung Gateway City Project by designed Atelier CMJN, It's deals with issues of water production.

A landmark structure in the Chongqing mountain area, The Curvy structure of the bridge reminds people of dragon shape. It's surrounded by green landscape.

The result of a study into the optimal application of Ultra High Performance Concrete by a case study team: UNStudio,ABT,BAM Utiliteitsbouw en Haitsma Beton

In a Colorful Variety and Angular Lines, the Ergo Stool and Table by Adam Senior Fuses Comfort with Work-Anywhere Adaptability.

This proposal for the Serlachius Museum Extension was designed by PinkCloud Studio, in collaboration with Eero Lunden Architects.

Jon Martin proposed this Hybrid Tower, It was a retail/office hybrid tower study, for reintroducing urban retail to downtown Kansas City.

Maxthreads Architectural Design, Edinburgh desiged this proposal for the Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design competition.

The Utopia One Tower in Dubai by Cesar Bobonis Zequeira, Ivan Perez-rossello and Teresita del Valle, for ThyssenKrupp Elevator Competition, Zaabeel Park, Dubai.

Thomas Hillier designed this Project in Tokyo City, The Emperor’s castle originates from a mythical and ancient tale hidden within a woodblock landscape scene created by Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaker, Ando Hiroshige.