Utopia One Tower for Zaabeel Park in Dubai

Utopia One

Dubai’s Utopia One Tower in Za’abeel Park

The Utopia One Tower in Dubai by Cesar Bobonis Zequeira, Ivan Perez-rossello and Teresita del Valle, for the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Competition to create tall emblem structure for Zaabeel Park in Dubai. The “Utopia One” is an elevated tower that not just presents unique design but also uses the similar materials employed in a smooth sculptural, erected earlier in the park. This definitely gives the ‘Utopia One’ an edge over other entries like Al Hakawati and the iconic tower by Francois Blanciak Architect.

Dubai Utopia One Tower

Constructed as a single unit, the Dubai Utopia One tower accommodates the programmed spaces, entry areas and existing walkways at the base, together with an adjacent courtyard offering ample space for community gatherings. Featuring an observation deck formed by a ring that supports a glass floor intended to give a flight like sensation, which is connected to the base with a glass elevator, the structure makes use of Nano-cell technology in the exterior skin of the building provide (a portion of the) energy to run the elevator systems, HVAC systems and electrical systems. The ‘Utopia One’ also includes heat sensitive glass to control the heat in the glassed surfaces, while making use of recycled grey water for irrigation and the HVAC systems, courtesy advanced water management.

Dubai Utopia One Tower photo
Utopia OneUtopia One

Utopia One