Tbilisi Public Service Hall is situated in the central area of Tbilisi, overlooks the Kura river, by Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas.

The Construction Work for this project is under way. for the multipurpose program will contain facilities for television programming, offices and various businesses.

GSI Tower by Sanzpont, in Cancun, Mexico. 20-storey will house a shopping mall, hotel and offices, consists of 2 vertical bodies that meet at the top by 2 bridges.

The governmental office complex is built as part of a far-reaching form of public-private partnership (DBFMO) that is designed to effectuate on a more efficient use of public funds.

In Seoul, South Korea, the Wavy & remarkable office tower GT Tower East, has been inaugurated. Designed by the Dutch architectural firm ArchitectenConsort...