Real Madrid’s new corporate office building by Rafael de La-Hoz

office building for the Real Madrid 01

Rafael de La-Hoz designs the new corporate office building for the Real Madrid

The architectural proposal, which won thanks to its balance, is based on a set of two rectangular volumes which move and adapt to the ground and welcome workplaces in a fluid, transversal space, flooded with light 

Aiming at unifying all services, modernising administrative offices and, more generally, addressing the challenges of the future, Real Madrid has, this season, organised a competition for its new corporate headquarters in Ciudad Real, Madrid. The selected, well-balanced proposal is presented by the building company Ferrovial Agromán and Rafael de La-Hoz’s studio, which will be in charge of the architectural project.

office building for the Real Madrid 02

The overall design of the building is made of a set of two parallelepiped-shaped volumes which adapt to the existing topography. The upper volume moves and looks towards the outside road while the other faces the training grounds of the sports city. All workplaces share a fluid, transversal space, flooded with light.

The member service offices as well as business and institutional buildings will remain in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

This project should be carried out within 16 months.

Designer: Rafael de La-Hoz