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Korean Land + Housing Corporation | DRDS

DRDS Studio wins international competition for for the Korean Land + Housing Corporation in Jinju. International design studio DRDS has taken first place in a major competition in Jinju, South Korea for the Korean Land + Housing…

Black Diamond | Ken Ouyang, CKIE

Black Diamond is a gorgeous 3D interactive mood lighting iPhone Dock. The free Black Diamond app on your iPhone, mounted in its dock, can deliver 5 different color schemes that will resurrect the semi-transparent black dome to blush with…

E.ON Energy Research Centre by Zaha Hadid

E.ON ENERGY RESEARCH CENTREAachen Germany2006–TBC PROGRAM: E.ON Energy Research DepartmentRWTH Aachen, 5 Faculties, Laboratories, Seminar Rooms CLIENT: Building and Real Estate NRW, Aachen SIZE: 5000 m² CONCEPT: The new…

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