People Wire sculpture | Ayaka Ito + Randy Church

People Wire sculpture is a collaboration between graphic designer and illustrator Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church that features, to put it simply, snapshots of shredded people. Combining each of their respective creative expertises along with a shared admiration for Rachel Ducker’s tautly wired sculptures and the defiant Flash paintings of interactive designer Erik Natzke, the two discovered a way to create an interface that integrates 3D line work into photographic compositions. Using applications like Flash and Photoshop, Ito and Church reconfigure images into interwoven portraits where the subject becomes part of the environment.

Comprised of saturated strings entangled by what could have been a spontaneous breeze, each subject looks simultaneously smooth, surreal and spun. At the same time, the barely perceptible visages embedded in each image provokes a familiarity, giving the impression that we already knew what the subjects once looked like.