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Korean Land


DRDS Studio wins international competition for for the Korean Land + Housing Corporation in Jinju.

International design studio DRDS has taken first place in a major competition in Jinju, South Korea for the Korean Land + Housing Corporation (LH). The project was selected among nine teams competing for a new $320m corporate headquarters. The vision for the project is to create a new sustainable campus with integrated green architectural design features for a new corporate headquarters building. The 65,000 sq m programme consists of administrative offices, public services, welfare and cultural facilities that include sports facilities, exhibition hall, classrooms, broadcasting studios, library, credit union, cafeteria, child care and conference centre.

Korean Land

The design concept ‘Land Meets Sky’ reflects LH’s brand by creating a building that is harmonious both visually and technologically with the surrounding landscape. The project implements numerous sustainable methodologies at both the micro and macro scale. Features include a dramatic brise soleil on the southern façade of the tower and multi-storey interactive zones on the west that utilise an intelligent skin that draws cool air through the building.

The project, located near a scenic river walk in Jinju South Korea, integrates public and private programme areas (a primary security concern) into a seamless composition that promotes an egalitarian environment. Public sports fields are located south of standing structures to take advantage of sunlight for athletic events and daily use. Korea Land & Housing Corporation engages in the construction, renovation, and management of land and housing properties, and cities in South Korea and internationally.