May be a conflict between the two blocs, one solid and traditional ... And the second transparent, smooth and organic form reflects the freedom of expression.(Modern architecture and Organic Architecture-Blobitecture in one place !,This is probably the first impression.

Dubbed "The Veil & The Vault", the museum's design merges the two key programs of the building: public exhibition space and the archive / storage that will support The Board Art Foundation's lending activities.

Good news for the Syrians children, The Massar Children’s Discovery Centre will be the heart of a Syrian educational programme - Massar.

Concept: One of the most important monuments in the city of Mosul is a city of hedhar and more what distinguishes the effects and presence is the temple of the sun god

Graham Thompson proposed this scheme for the design of a new building which focuses on an experimental and challenging presence on 339 Lafayette Street

The word stuck and is often used to describe buildings with curved and rounded shapes. Blobitecture from blob architecture, blobism or blobismus are terms for a movement in architecture in which buildings have an organic, amoeba-shaped, bulging form.

The Strata Tower, a forty-story, luxury residential building is now under construction in Abu Dhabi and scheduled for completion in 2011.

Metropol Parasol:is the new icon project for Sevilla, a place of identification and to articulate Sevillas role as one of Spains most fascinating cultural destinations.

Sadar + Vuga's excellent proposal for Belgrade Center For Promotion of Science in new Blok 39, view more images and architects description after the jump

This competition proposal for Center for Promotion of Science in Belgrade was designed by a team of young Serbian architects Milos Zivkovic, Nebojsa Stevanovic, Janko Tadic, Aleksandar Gusic and Slobodanka Tadic.

The National Museum of Archeology and Earth Sciences (MNAST) is located on one of Rabat's highest points: the gardens of the Lyautey Residence, which used to house Morocco’s French administrator.

Check out Reiser + Umemoto’s latest win for the Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Center in southern Taiwan. Working with Taipei-based Fei and Cheng and Associates, New York-basedYsrael A. Seinuk, PC and Hong-Kong based Arup,