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Land Formation-One

Land Formation-One



The project is designed to serve as an event and exhibition space for the garden festival in Weil am Rhein 1999. The suggested structure does not sit in the landscape as an isolated object, but emerges from the fluid geometry of the surrounding network of paths. Three of those paths entangle to make the building. Four parallel, partly interwoven spaces are caught in this bundle of paths. One path snuggles up to the south side of the building, another, gently sloping, rises over its back, whereas the third path cuts diagonally through the interior.

The main spaces, exhibition hall and cafe, stretch along those routes and allow for plenty of sun light and views from the exterior. Secondary rooms ‘disappear’ within the ‘root’ of the building. A terrace including a covered performance space is located to the south of the cafe. The centre for environmental research is situated north of the exhibition hall, half submerged into the ground in order to take advantage of the isolating quality of the earth itself. On the other side the exhibition hall acts as a buffer zone, which allows a passive use of solar energy in winter. The sunken beam of the centre of environmental research becomes an open mezzanine in the exhibition hall.

Exhibition spaces, restaurants and offices

City of Weil am Rhein

845 m2

ARCHITECT: Zaha Hadid Architects
DESIGN: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher and Mayer Bahrle
PROJECT DIRECTOR: Patrik Schumacher
PROJECT ARCHITECT: Markus Dochantschi
PROJECT TEAM: Oliver Domeisen, Wassin Halabi, Garin O’Aivazian, Barbara Pfenningstorff, James Lim


LOCAL ARCHITECT: Mayer Bahrle Freie Architekten DBA (Lorrach, DE)
STRUCTURAL: GS Projekt (Germany)
M&E: Kuttenbaum energietechnik (Lorrach, DE)
HEATING/CONDITION: Delzer Kybernetik (Lorrach, DE)
ACOUSTIC: Ehrsaum und Pannach (Lorrach, DE)