Hush Hiding Place – A Hush Chair by Freyja Sewell

Hush pod chair

Hush Pod Chair by Freyja Sewell

Hush Pod Chair is a place to hide, a warm cocoon, a biodegradable space, a felt pod.

Hush Pod chair is a cool-looking and very comfortable chair. It’s a sophisticated version of the tents and forts we all made as kids. Sewell describes Hush as “womb-like”, a personal retreat in an age of exponential population growth which makes privacy and peaceful respite an increasingly precious commodity.

Designed by University of Brighton graduate Freyja Sewell, Hush Chair is a snuggly pod that offers a quiet place to hide and escape. Hand-sewn from biodegradable local grey felt, this object-space is a private micro retreat that can be set up practically anywhere.

HUSH is manufactured in Durham by Ness Furniture, by skilled craftsmen and women, supporting and revitalizing Britain’s ancient heritage of makers.HUSH was selected by Kevin McCloud as a “Green Hero” for Grand Designs Live.