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Game of Space | Saburo Sugita Architects + Miso

This installation was created using "game of life" cellular automaton devised by john conway to represent the emergence of self-organizing systems. a cellular automaton is a discrete model that consists of a regular grid of cells and…

Outdoor Hopper Bench | Dirk Wynants

In streets and squares, in gardens or on balconies, positioned against an outside or a garden wall: Hopper Bench fits any location. It also offers great versatility: Its two pass through zones make it easy to get in and out of the bench.

Stylish Airline Trolleys | Skypak

ِ Amazing Airline Trolleys designed by Skypak  Skypak share with Urukia their Stylish Airline Trolleys product. Here are some more details from Skypak: We are all in search of the new crazy idea or the most desirable product.…

Ocean Space Seascraper | Snøhetta

The plans for a new marine technolgy research centre was presented by Snohetta . Snohetta has made a suggestion for a spectacular building of 16.000 m2 situated in the sea outside trondheim. The project will cost around 9-10 billion…

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