Companion Stools Series By Phillip Grass

companion stools

Phillip Grass’s Companion Stools Series

Companion Stools designed by Phillip Grass, is the debut collection of the Danish design brand. You can use the stool from the “Companion” series as an extra chair, a small table, as well as a piece of art. Also you can place the stools individually or in a group to create a more dynamic effect.

Companion Stools Series Phillip Grass 02

The Companion Stools series consists of two different stools: ”Companion” and ”Companion 4 legs”. The base of the stool is made of powder-coated steel tubes and is available in four different colors: black, white, yellow and blue.

Companion Stools Series Phillip Grass 03

The solid wood seat is clear-coated and is available in oak, beech and sipo mahogany. Part of the seat is painted white and the eye is turned of solid wood and painted black. The seats and bases can be combined according to individual preference.

The base of the stool is produced in Denmark and the seat in Germany.