SatchelBord: One super Portable Workstation to Working Out In The Fresh Air

SatchelBord by Spergotech

SatchelBord is all in one product concept includes a desk, a chair, and a bag

Reading a book or working out in the fresh air is healthy, and SatchelBord will make it easier! by providing multiple solutions for working comfortably, travel efficiently, and organize easily. Designed by Brandon Green / Spergotech, This 3-in-1 productivity powerhouse includes a desk, a chair, and a messenger bag.

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The furniture industry is forever changed with the introduction of a ground-breaking concept in design. The burgeoning startup, Spergotech, has made it their mission to change the way we think about furniture with Convenienture, ‘Convenient Furniture’. Their flagship product, the SatchelBord, is the epitome of convenience for students, freelance creatives, and commuting entrepreneurs alike. It comprises a lapdesk, a chair, and a messenger bag all wrapped up into one super portable, lightweight package.

SatchelBord contains everything needed to set-up for a productive day anywhere, without the bulk. Weighing about as much as the average laptop, it is a perfect solution for commuters and for those who just want to get out of their cubicle for some fresh air. The water-resistant bag which provides dedicated pockets for all work essentials, secure and protective laptop storage, and a sleeve for the lapdesk, folds out into an ergonomic chair. The specially designed bamboo lapdesk called TabBord, rests comfortably on the lap and is loaded with features such as an optional extension that slides out on both the left and right side, cord organizers, and ventilation slots to keep thighs and laptops cool.

“Laptops are designed for mobility but they’re missing the comforts of a desk. We experience poor posture and back pain, lost items, heat on our laps, and the inability to comfortably whip out our work anywhere. At Spergotech, we have set out to change that. Our first product, SatchelBord, provides a convenient, ergonomic solution for bringing your work with you anywhere life takes you,” says founder, Brandon Green.

About Spergotech

Founded in 2015 by product designer and entrepreneur, Brandon Green, the company is leading a paradigm shift in furniture design. Spergotech engineers multi-functional products that make life easier and more convenient for the everyday lives of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone else who works on the go.

The SatchelBord will be available for pre-order for a fraction of its retail price exclusively through Kickstarter this spring. There is a chance to win a free SatchelBords for those who sign up for the contest here.