Wiwo Lighting Collection by Haim Evgi


Wiwo Collection 01

Israeli designer Haim Evgi, created a new series of lighting fixtures called  Wiwo, and came to shows the encounter and the contrast between two different materials, solid oak and wire iron.

The name of the series WI-WO comes from the combination of two different materials,  solid wood and wire iron.

The meeting between the materials create a harmonious combination,  and produces a minimalist and modern  lighting fixtures with a variety of shapes.

Wiwo Collection 02

There are four types of Shapes lamps, the FIGU and STAP are trapezoid, QUALI is a cone, and STRIN is a cylinder.

The lamps are made of solid oak and transparent lacquer finish, wire iron powder coated paint, fabric cable and gold connectors creating the final touch of the lamp.

The lamps can illuminate any space from the ceiling or on a table or floor in three different modes.

Wiwo Collection 03 Wiwo Collection 04 Wiwo Collection 06

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