CoeLux: A New Artificial Skylight System mimics the feel of Sunlight


CoeLux  Artificial Skylight System

CoeLux: A New Artificial Skylight System that perfectly mimics the feel of Sunlight.

CoeLux is an optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky. CoeLux offers a breakthrough opportunity for indoor architecture by creating the sensation of infinite space.

A New Artificial Skylight System

This Artificial Skylight System technology is ideal for all types of indoor architecture.

This System can change the way spaces are experienced.  Airport, shopping malls, stores, offices, fitness centers, hotels, museum, housing, this technology has a particularly high impact in underground spaces like subways and parking garages.


The light of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and The Tropics are the three types of settings that CoeLux offers for you to experience, anywhere, anytime.

This Technology offers 3 solutions:

CoeLux 60: For those who prefer the more dramatic slice of tropical light, CoeLux 60 offers yet an additional solution in a skylight with cooler, vertical sunlight, and the maximum luminance contrast of light and shadow.

CoeLux 45: For lovers of the Mediterranean basin there is CoeLux 45, a skylight featuring a 45 degree ceiling beam that offers an equal balance of light and shade, best enhancing the shapes and volumes that have historically flourished in outdoor architecture.

CoeLux 30: For enthusiasts of Nordic countries, CoeLux 30 is available, with a 30 degree angle beam relative to the horizon. It is a wall window and is capable of reproducing a warm, grazing light.

A New Artificial Skylight System A New Artificial Skylight System A New Artificial Skylight System A New Artificial Skylight System

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