Section Hanging Lamp by Marco Lafiandra for .exnovo

Section Hanging

Section Hanging Lamp 01

3D printed Hanging Lamp named ‘Section’ designed by Marco Lafiandra for .exnovo

This Section Hanging Lamp is produced by the 3D Printing technology: it’s a 3D electronic file transformed into a solid part. Due to the manufacturing method, none of the products are the same: it’s impossible to realize the .exnovo monolithic objects using the traditional technologies. This digital sculpture is unique with its essential characteristics and very close to a work of art. Treat it carefully!

Section Hanging Lamp 02

More From the Designer: Section Hanging is the expression of the need I have, ever since I was child, to know what was inside of objects. I often spent hours taking apart toys. Only now, I have the luxury to design a lamp to discover its contents.

Section Hanging Lamp 03

How to Use:

Only indoor use: The plastic parts are sensitive to ultraviolet rays and turn to pale yellow as time goes by: for this reason, we suggest to avoid direct exposure to sunshine.

Shade cleaning: The shade can be cleaned with water and soap or can be put in the dishwasher.

Disposal: The shade is completely recyclable. The components have to be divided and disposed of using the separate refuse collection, to avoid environmental damages.

Section Hanging Info:

Category: Lamps
Type: hanging
Collection: .exnovo
Design: Marco Lafiandra
Shade materials: laser sintered polyamide  and stainless steel
Shade colours: white
Maximum dimensions: Ø30×80 cm
Shade dimensions Ø30×36,8 cm
Electrical components: 2 poles emerald green tissue cable
Light source: LED Citizen, 18Watt
Weight: 1,5 Kg