Levantin Design’s KUBIS Lamp Collection: An Attempt for a new reality

KUBIS lamp collection

KUBIS Lamp Collection designed by Ukrainian Levantin Design

The KUBIS lamp collection is Levantin Design‘s attempt to search for a new reality.

More texts from Sergey Lvov: Having combined the latest tradition of art direction graphic design with the basic elements of the graphical philosophy of suprematism from the beginning of the 20th century: quadrangle, cross, and circle, we made an effort to transfer from the two-dimensional plane the typical features of the both styles, by integrating them with each other, and thus creating an abstract image in three-dimensional reality.

KUBIS lamp collection – Slideshow:

The painting of Kasimir Malevich “Suprematic composition” (1916) was chosen as representative of suprematism, in such way creating a design collaboration of two phenomena 100 years apart.

“KUBIS” is an image lacking any content, which can be neither conveyed with meaning nor thought away. 

Project: KUBIS Collection of lamps
Designer: Sergey Lvov, Kharkiv, Ukraine