Top 10 House Designs that will inspire you

house designs

Contemporary House designs photos with 2 story house plans chosen by Urukia.

These 10 Remarkable House Designs Photos that will inspire you!  Give you new ideas for designing your future house!

House designs - Gorki-House- Moscow-Atrium-02

First lets start with a little text about residential styles of Houses. There are a lot of architectural styles of houses, Many homes designs will not fit into a single style category, Vary by country, and the materials used..etc, but at least there are three home styles can be easily distinguished by non-architects people, those most popular home styles have also many sub-styles, for example the traditional home design (coming with a lot of sub-styles) , modern home and contemporary style, here we will focus only on the contemporary homes design which is the architecture of the present day.

We create our list of Top 10 unique home designs from around the would, designed by 5 stars architects, These Contemporary style homes coming with 2 story house plans, Let’s Start:

1. Sustainable House with Automation System by UNStudio:

house designs

A Sustainable House named The W.I.N.D. House in the north of Holland Designed by UNStudio. This Sustainable House Located on the outskirts of a Dutch village and close to the sea, the house is backed by a wooded area and fronted by an open expanse of polder landscape. Read more..

2. Kloof Road House by Nico van der Meulen Architects:

house designs

Located at the foot of a nature reserve in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, Kloof Road House is the latest project by Nico van der Meulen Architects.  The client’s brief called for a family orientated home suitable for indoor/outdoor entertainment that maximizes the views to the north.   The result is a 1100m² sculptural piece of architecture that is an extreme transformation from the previously modest single story. Read more..

3. Terrace House in Singapore by HYLA Architects:


HYLA Architects designed the Lines of Light Residence in Singapore. Lines of Light terrace sits at a corner site and thus the full side of the house fronts the side street. To preserve the privacy but still allowing light and ventilation, a slatted timber screen covers the entire side elevation. At the front, an outdoor terrace with a high volume fronts the main garden. Read more..

4. Concrete House in Tsutsumino by fuse-atelier:

Concrete House in Tsutsumino 01

A Concrete House in Tsutsumino in the Japanese city of noda designed by fuse-atelier Architects. This house is located on a residential block overlooking the Edogawa river in the city of Noda, Chiba. Read more..

5. Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects:

Dune House Marc Koehler Architects 01

The concept of the Dune House is inspired by the dune landscape of one of the northern Dutch islands in which the house is embedded. The programmatic configuration is derived from the experience of walking through the dunes; it exposes a sequence of view points on the dune landscape: from submerged and intimate viewpoints to elevated and stretched out views over the sea. Read more..

6. Hadaway Snow Country House by Patkau Architects:

house designs

Hadaway snow country house is located on a northwest slope overlooking a panoramic view of Whistler valley in southwest British Columbia. The site is a difficult wedge shape which offers just enough room for a garage and narrow entrance on the street side at the top of the slope. read more..

7. Tropical Stamp House by Charles Wright Architects:

Stamp House 01

Stamp House is an Ecological House conserving & recycling naturalresources: energy, water & more Sustainable features. Charles Wright Architects developed a new ways of living in tropical latitude, with ‘Green’ evaporative cooling effect to both levels in the drier months in Queensland. Read more..

8. Vilapol Vacation House by Padilla Nicás Arquitectos:


Vacation House in Vilapol If something definitive the clients said to us was their desire to look towards the sea. The house is placed in a little town near the coast of Lugo, raised and oriented towards the landscape opened to the sea. Read more..

9. Gorki House A Contemporary piece near Moscow by Atrium:


Gorki House or “House in Gorky-6” is A contemporary piece of architecture  designed by Atrium Architects in Gorki Village near Moscow, Russia. Gorki House was designed for a young couple with a child. Their only wish was to have a contemporary piece of architecture. The site is situated not far from Moscow to the west. Read more..

10. “Klein Bottle” Weekend House by McBride Charles Ryan:


Amazing house design “Klein Bottle” House designed by Australian studio McBride Charles Ryan Klein Bottle House is a weekend house located on heavily ti-treed sand hills adjacent the ocean beach in Rye. Read more..