Tokyo Music Centre by fly Architecture

fly-Tokyo Music Centre-1-Street view

Tokyo Music Centre – AC-CA Competition

fly Architecture: The idea behind the design of the new Tokyo Music Centre was to create a full transparent building structure. This transparent solitaire allows views into the inner workings of the building and give passers-by the feeling ‘just take a look in’.

fly-Tokyo Music Centre-2-Entrance area

Classical and Jazz Music should be no longer something elitist, what hides behind walls. It should something for all of us.

fly-Tokyo Music Centre-3-Concert hall

Absolutely highlight is the concert hall on the top floor. Openly and directly under the final glass roof this offers the opportunity to experience unforgettable concerts directly under the starry sky of Tokyo. The concert hall can be reached via a spectacular oval-shaped escalators construction.

fly-Tokyo Music Centre-4-Concept and scheme

This escalator takes visitors from the entrance directly to the concert hall while on their short journey changing and exciting views can be enjoyed on Tokyo.

Architect: fly Architecture