MILAN World Expo Pavilion Competition Winners

milan world expo pavilion

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Winners Proposals Of MILAN World Expo Pavilion Competition

[AC-CA] Architectural Competition has shared with us the results of MILAN World Expo Pavilion Competition.

The aim of this International Competition is to design an Information Pavilion within the World Expo Park in Milan.

A total of 167 proposals that were submitted from all over the world, [AC-CA] have been announced the Ten winners of the competition  Check out the ten winning entries of MILAN World Expo Pavilion Competition below:

1st Winner:

1st Winner 116385-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

1st Prize was awared to:

  • Klaudiusz Angerman
  • Monika Nowak
  • Michal Krywult
  • Anna Karas
  • Country: Poland
  • Team Type: Architect


JUDGES’S REPORT            

This proposal creates an impressive landmark with a strong link to the Milan Expo theme. A poetic concept that interprets different symbols as architectural components with a building skin formed by movable matter resulting in transformable appearance both inside and outside. It also presented an impressive visualization with high quality drawings combined with a  fluid and dynamic interior space.

The authors with the Silo design have created a highly visible, inviting and informative point at the intersection of the two main axes (Cardo and Decumano) with an interesting reference using the pavilion’s “hourglass” form to encourage reflection and awareness of the primany importance of conserving resources.

2nd Winner:

2nd Winner 117554-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

2nd Prize was awared to:

  • Giuseppe Cericola
  • Vincenzo Marinelli
  • Country: Italy
  • Team Type: Architect


A proposal that is complete and well detailed with original concept and aesthetic. It is a project that creates a very interesting and intelligent transformable structure offering various configurations of beautiful shapes. Sustainability is ensured by the possibility of different uses for future installations. The layout is convenient with nicely light interior space that includes original furniture.

The pavilion fits harmoniously into the expo scheme based on the shape, ephemeral character and lightness with the off-site construction system responding directly to the temporary nature of the Expo. This is a concept of “simple” volume and intelligently presented.

3rd Winner:

3rd Winner 115734-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

3rd Prize was awared to:

  • Yi Zhang
  • Ping Liu
  • Country: Australia
  • Team Type: Student


The project shows a high level of analysis on the topic of exhibition spaces and great contemporary events with a solid attempt to reinvent the concept of information pavilion. Essential services (information, connection, relationship links) are scattered along the main axes of the entire Expo and not centralised at a sigle point in responds to the current need to distribute information and services on a small scale.

A humble but strong concept and approach to the Expo pavilion that steps back from monumental in favour of micro-scale to avoid overwhelming the others buildings within the Expo.

Honorable Mentions Entries:

4-116285-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Niels Leijte
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Team Type: Student

5-116381-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Leonie Sommer
  • Babak Zarsazegar
  • Liss Werner
  • Laurent Dubuis
  • Country: Germany
  • Team Type: Architect

6-115685-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Naoya Kitamura
  • Tetsuya Sekimoto
  • Country: Japan
  • Team Type: Architect

7-115479-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Marudai Richie
  • Country: France
  • Team Type: Architect

8-115187-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Kam Fai Tai
  • Alina Valcarce
  • Eliane Billon
  • Country: China
  • Team Type: Architect

9-117219-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Johann Szebeni
  • Robin Skala
  • Marcel Steinbacher
  • Yusuf Yazici
  • Country: Austria
  • Team Type: Architect

10-117704-MILAN World Expo Pavilion

  • Enrico Beer Boimond
  • Country: Brazil
  • Team Type: Student