Let´s sample Oscar – Fly Architecture entry for NYC Aquarium Competition

Fly Architecture entry

Let´s sample Oscar and make something new

Fly Architecture Entry for NYC Aquarium & Public Waterfront competition

Like sampling in music, where you take parts of an old record and connecting them with new musical parts to create new music, “fly Architecture“ tries to transfer this approach into architecture. The idea is to take up a striking, existing building with historical significance for architecture and changing it that it is recorded with a new purpose in a new place.

Let´s sample Oscar proposal slideshow:

The design for the new NYC Aquarium is an Hommage to Oscar Niemeyer‘s building “National Congress of Brazil“ in Brazilia because the two shells are perfect for an Outdoor aquarium and the exterior effect is enormous on the New York skyline.

The design is divided into 2 areas. A top, the visible and imposing presents 2 aquariums in public space and a spacious lower region located below the plateau. Here you will find more aquariums you can walk along a terraced-like way and get more detailed information, a large exhibition, an auditorium for lectures and a restaurant and bar area.

Economic Concept:

To attract more people in the NYC Aquarium, all visitors of all ages have free admission. Access to all the aquariums and exhibitions is absolutely free.

This allows a regularly filled house. To secure the daily, economical operation, money is earned in a different way.
Photographing. Whether a picture of the shark tank or a selfie of “Moby Dick“-Pot – Each Photo is chargeable and is provided the visitor via various subscriptions.

NYC Aquarium & Public Waterfront competition

An international open ideas competition for New York City hosted by Arch Out Loud. They propose the implementation of an intertwined public aquarium and park for the borough of Queens and the surrounding city, thus allowing valuable waterfront spaces to be used by the public. Although NYC itself has a very distinct iconic identity, a public aquarium would help create an iconic destination within Queens itself. arch out loud challenges designers to experiment with conventional interpretations of the program and investigate how it can create a more appropriated relationship to its context.

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