Stemming from the enriching life cycle of the organic plant, an inspiring design is proposed for a Taiwan Tower competition.

Stripes Comprehensive Medical Care Building desiged by EASTERN design office. The form of this construction is the dancing light and the shadow.

This Sustainable skyscraper will be in the mangrove forest of Jakarta, Indonesia. The Agung Sedayu Center rises out of the natural habitat as an iconic volume that takes in the breathtaking views of the forest.

That’s right! Nagoya! Do you know where that is? The exact location of this project is 3-38-10 Osu Naka-Ku Nagoya City – Aichi, Japan. The project? A cafe!

The design for the Acadia Tree allows for an exciting high rise that is both monumental in scale and look and has a small footprint on the city below.

Maria Yasko designed beautiful Shelving Unit like a tree with diffident colors named Vjunok

Yuliyan Mikov proposed this blob Museum of Architecture...