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Table ‘Egg’ | WamHouse

Innovative Table ‘Egg’ created by Poland-based design studio WamHouse

Apart from designing interiors, houses and furniture (in Poland and abroad), WAMHOUSE manufactures original furniture as well.
There is a reason why the company’s seat is situated in Chojnice (Poland), close to the Bory Tucholskie National Park. Nature is the best inspiration in the process of creation, and observations of nature were the very source of idea for the EGG table.

The table is a combination of a tree, bird and regular egg, which in the nature constitute an inseparable whole, because, as is generally known, most birds nest their eggs on trees.

The table size is:


width= 81cm

height= 75cm

Material: steel, solid surface, glass

Colours: white-black or white-black-yellow.

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