"Tower Infinity" the winning design for Cheongna City Tower Competitionin in Incheon, South Korea by GDS Architects.

Dutch architects firm MVRDV have designed two skyscrapers "the Cloud" for Seoul, Korea, that will be joined at the hip by a pixelated cluster.

Solus4 proposed a design solution for the Busan Opera House competition that symbolises the elements of culture and history of Korea.

China based jian junkai + huang jinqi Proposal for the busan opera house international design competition for busan, south korea.

Winners Proposals of London Olympic Games Information Pavilion Competition,[AC-CA] Architectural Competition have been announced the Ten winners of the competition

Busan Opera House competition entry designed by Boston based firm PRAUD in Busan, South Korea.

Busan Opera House Competition proposal by Sanzpont Arauitectura, Concept of their design is based on the philosophy of Korea, the balance of opposites, Um-Yang

The design reflects the vision of KT as a landmark tower and the generous spirit of the KT employees, Customers, and Visitors who serve this place.

The 85,000 square metre Dongdaemun Design Plaza will establish a learning resource for designers and members of the public with a design museum, library and educational facilities,..