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Parametric Generico Chair by Marco Hemmerling


A Parametric design for chair named Generico designed by Marco Hemmerling.

Generico Chair is a prototype for a new way of design thinking, developed with a holistic approach using latest technologies. The design is based on the requirements of comfortable sitting and responds to load forces and ergonomic conditions.

The chair – resulting from an all-embracing line of thought, from design to production, is an ideal field of application for 3D-printing-technology as it allows for an optimal distribution of materials.

The result of this visionary design approach is a pioneering example, showing the future potential of this production process.

Generico-Chair-Marco-Hemmerling-2 Generico-Chair-Marco-Hemmerling-3 file:///C:/Program%20Files/ANSYS%20Inc/v130/aisol/DesignSpace/DS Generico-Chair-Marco-Hemmerling-5

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