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Parametric Generico Chair by Marco Hemmerling

A Parametric design for chair named Generico designed by Marco Hemmerling. Generico Chair is a prototype for a new way of design thinking, developed with a holistic approach using latest technologies. The design is based on the…

Ondule Lounge seat | Mattis Ensault

A unique design similar in the shape of the human brain, 'Ondule' is Lounge seat by the french and young designer Mattis Ensault, "Ondule" is a prototype of a lounge seat which is a visual translation of digital sound as the undulating…

Tornado House | 10 Design

Kinetic Architecture & Organic concept for a Safe house of the Future. Erupting Stability-Tornado Proof Suburb By Ted Givens AIA - Design Partner at 10 Design Hong Kong

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