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PALARNIA club & restaurant | WAMHOUSE

“Palarnia” is the seventh and May (2013) design in the collection called “XII”, entirely designed by Karina Wiciak.


Palarnia  (in Polish means “Smoking room” ) is a place decorated primarily by smoke. It adds mystery to the interiors by making them more theatrical. It can also act as an effective screen for people looking for intimacy in the billows of white puff. The smoke can be compared to night clouds cast over the sky, mysterious fog illuminated with the moonlight or can be simply seen as cigarette smoke by those who miss the times when smoking in pubs was not prohibited… Free interpretations abound here and the setting may provide screenplay writers with food for thought.


The “Palarnia” design includes also chair “Flaga” (which in Polish means “flag”), a hanging lamp  “Nit” (rivet)  and table “Nitowany” (riveted).


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