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Misko Lamp by HE design

Misko Lamp 01

MISKO Lamp is a combination of a table and lamp.

Israeli studio HE design have created MISKO – a dual-purpose piece of furniture, which combines table with storage compartment and a lamp.

Misko Lamp 05

MISKO designed by Haim Evgi is the first of a new series of furniture called ” Furniture illuminate the space ,” which combine material and light.

Misko Lamp 06

MISKO is made ​​of solid oak with Polishing Wax finish combines Plexiglas in the upper and lower wall and on its side it has a switch to a light source, it sits on two iron pipe legs coated in white or black powder shade.

MISKO lamp is lit by LED light bulbs so the power consumption is economical.

Misko Lamp 08

The encounter between matter and light creates a unique, minimalist and functional piece of furniture that fits illuminating bedside or any other space and allows the user to enjoy both functions in one product.

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Materials : Solid oak, Plexiglas, Iron Pipe, Fabric cord
Dimension : W46 x L40 x H52
Legs Colour : White, Black
Light intensity : 18 watt LED

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