Maple-leaf Chair by Ol’ha Shevchenko

Maple-leaf Chair-Ol'ha-Shevchenko 04

Maple-leaf Chair created by the Ukrainian designer Ol’ha Shevchenko

Still on bionic design mood: molded plastic chair, it’s design based on the shape of a maple-leaf.

Maple-leaf-Chair-Ol'ha-Shevchenko 02

I was going to make totally modern piece of design, but now, when it’s finished, it seems to me more like a throne for an elf princess.

Maple-leaf-Chair-Ol'ha-Shevchenko 03

Still I think it’s quite all-purpose, you can use it at home, in office, cafe, bar or restaurant.

Maple-leaf-Chair-Ol'ha-Shevchenko 05

The seat should be made from a strong recyclable polypropylene with a glossy finish.

Maple-leaf-Chair-Ol'ha-Shevchenko 01

Dimensions: 90x85x90 cm.

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