Lullock: A chaise Lounge that moves with you


Lullock chaise Lounge 01

Lullock: A chaise Lounge that responds to the natural movement of the user.

Lullock is a Comfortable chaise lounge, designed by Nicole Hone, Darnar Kruy, James Edwards, Nisha Brunt and Reuben Knauf, all design students from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Lullock chaise Lounge 02

The arched base is designed to roll smoothly, adjusting to the user’s transition between front and back as they shift their weight. Users can also position themselves upright on the chaise, allowing them to explore a different rocking motion.

Lullock chaise Lounge 03

The bubbly green Mushrooms squish and mould to support each individual body shape. This creates a warm comforting sensation as the person nestles safely inside Lullock.

Lullock chaise Lounge 04

Not only does it help alleviate stress by cradling the body but the playful rocking element also encourages people to move about.

Lullock chaise Lounge 05

This promotes an increase in oxygen and good blood flow which is good for when someone is occupied with a stationery activity for extended periods of time.

Lullock chaise Lounge 06

Lullock is perfect for reading. using a digital device, or simply relaxing in the privacy of the curved form.

Lullock chaise Lounge 07

Material Tests

Various foams and felts were experimented with during the testing phase of making the mushroom forms.

Lullock chaise Lounge 08

Ideally the final material used would be purely felt but because the thicker felt was too dense and firm, it did not offer the same soft comforting experience like the feel of the scale model.

Lullock chaise Lounge 09

Therefore we decided to use a combination of foam. for its squishy properties, and felt, for a soft exterior surface.

Lullock chaise Lounge 10

We found that the green foam was less dense, easier to cut and cheaper than the blue foam so decided to go with this option which also influenced the color of the final form.We also tried the thinner felt by itself, doubled over for added thickness but it didn’t tend to hold its shape as well as the foam-felt combination.