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LAVA’s Masterplan and Twin Zhejiang Gate Towers for Hangzhou City

LAVA’s Masterplan and Twin Zhejiang Gate Towers for Hangzhou city, China

Zhejiang Gate Towers are an iconic entrance project to the city of Hangzhou. The design of the two towers is based on the Chinese characters for ‘gate’, and they feature a shimmering façade of fins. For more information, see the project architecture slideshow below:

Zhejiang Gate Towers Project Slideshow:


LAVA’s masterplan for the mixed-use development consists of five buildings housing offices, residential, and retail and features fluid building masses, improved positioning of the towers from different viewing directions, logical pedestrian movement and the removal of cars from the complex.

The two 280-meter high-rise towers are an interpretation of the Chinese characters meaning ‘gate’ or entrance to a city. Utilizing extensive view studies the tower ensemble was positioned so it is recognizable as a twin structure, a gate, from both near and far. LAVA articulated the façade as two groups of long vertical fins wrapped around the buildings. Fluid lines create zones within the tower elevations, whilst different colors of glass and varying depths of vertical fin elements generate refracted light effects animating the façade.

A third 90m high tall building and two pavilions are placed around the central public space.

Project Info:

  • Project Name: Zhejiang Gate Towers
  • Location: Hangzhou, China
  • Client: Shimao Property Group
  • Architects: LAVA ( Tobias Wallisser, Chris Bosse, Alexander Rieck)
    project team: Christian Tschersich (Pl), Tommy Joo, Elvira Perfetto, Jan Kozerski, Jing Xi Zhang, Nicola Schunter, GüLeyalagöZ, Mikolay Scibisz, Yu Chun Tsai, Melanie Quessel
  • Status: Under Construction 2016; Towers Commence 2017
  • Size: 370,000 Sqm; Towers 280M High, 125,000 Sqm
  • Partners: Architectural Design: Sol, Executive Architect: Ziad (Zhejiang Architecture Design Institute) , Structure: Lera, Landscape: Pubangpela, FaçAde, Consultant: Schmidlin FaçAde Consultancy
  • Image Credits: Lava

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