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Green Climate Fund Headquarter in Bonn by LAVA

LAVA hosting a bid to design Headquarter of Green Climate Fund in Bonn. Green Climate Fund is an ecological model project and demonstrates LAVA’s slogan which is "green is the new black". Germany still one of a rare countries that…

Michael Schumacher Tower in Abu Dhabi by LAVA

A Parametric Skyscraper named Michael Schumacher Tower, Also called Snowflake Tower in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Designed by LAVA. The Michael Schumacher Developed as a prototypical design translating brand values into iconic architecture,…

Bionic Tower | LAVA

Organic and Natural structure - Blobitecture give us a Bionic Tower designed by LAVA. Architect's statement The bionic tower proposes a naturally occurring system of structural organization that generates a building embodying…

Home of the Future designed by LAVA

LAVA is one of 19 architects presenting their ideas for homes of the future by the gallery as part of its annual Art + Architecture 11 show. LAVA has 2 projects: Home of the future and Future Hotel.

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