Intuit | Eve Bailey

‘Intuit’ is French artist Eve Bailey’s last living-sculpture.

The device is a twenty-five-foot long collapsible teeter totter with a beam rotating on an axis five feet off the ground. It is the first time that Bailey invites performers to join her on the structure she builds. Two at a time, the dancers evolve on the beam intuitively balancing and responding to each other’s subtle moves. The smallest shift of weight changing the course and shape of a gesture.

Bailey considers the body as a perceiving mechanical structure. She creates sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos and performances that emphasize the simple mechanics of movement and gravity. In a previous work ‘Shoulder Path’, she focuses on the body’s alignment and the form generated by a backward roll. Following a varying logic, ‘Intuit’ explores the geometry of the body through space in order to achieve balance.

Performers: Eve Bailey, Molly Chanoff, Andrea-Jane Dispenziere, Nora Herting, Coco Karol, Andrea Labouff, Katie Stehura, Claire Unabia and Heather Willems. Cameramen: Eduardo Cure and Emily Watson. Photographer: Mai Endo