Funny Night Lamp | Martyr Monkey

Cool night lamp design for bedroom by Martyr Monkey

Cool night lamp design for Kids & Adults bedrooms

The next product is perfect both for children and adults. A night lamp isn’t always just for people who are afraid of the dark. Sometimes we just like to cheer up the long night or we just want to have some fun. After all, inside we all are children. But if you fear of the dark, then the next product is perfect for your goodnight sleep.

“Martyr Monkey” is fun night light which is also created to prevent useless energy loss. The lamp has a sensor which makes it go on and off depending on the light level of the room. If it gets dark, the lamp goes on. In the morning, or when in the room is enough light, the lamp goes off. This way you will spare some energy and the light bulb will last longer. This product is great for a forgetful person and trusting your lamp, you will feel more comfortable and less stressed.

If you have children, this lamp is even greater for you. The “Martyr Monkey” has a playful design in shape of a monkey. The lap’s structure imitates the monkey’s body, while the light bulb takes the place of the money’s head.  Do you know those cartoons where a character has a light up his head when he gets an idea? Well, I don’t know if this night lamp will give you any day ideas, but I am sure it will give you some beautiful dreams. Forget all about Sandman, Martyr Monkey is here to save the… night!Available on amazon for $16.