Floor Plan Light Switches by Taewon Hwang

Floor Plan Light Switches

Floor Plan Light Switches 1

Helpful and Creative Idea: “Floor Plan Light Switches” by korean Taewon Hwang

Floor Plan Light Switches: Sometimes it can be hard to remember which switch goes with which lighting fixture – particularly when the electrical layout and faceplate placements are counter-intuitive.

Floor Plan Light Switches 2

If you’re like so many of us, then you probably (even after all the years you may have lived in your home) forget which light switches turn on which lights. This is especially the case for those areas of the home that you just don’t spend much time in. There is now a great way to fix this: light switches that are drawn out exactly the way your floor plan is. You’ll never again question which light you are looking for and turn the right one on or off every single time. We are pretty obsessed with this and can’t believe we’ve been living without it for so long.