Felt&Metal Lounge Chair by Design Studio PINE

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 01

Felt&metal lounge chair is a special gift for people who love relaxing. It is suitable for the children who grow up in modern era and for, women and men who enjoy modern design, and finally for all who prefer simple lines and pleasant materials. Designers decided that customers could choose color of the metal base and fabric independently.

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 02

Dimensions of the lounge chair: W 650mm, L 880mm, H 700mm

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 03

More texts by Designer: Our desire has been to create something simple and eye-catching at the same time. We have imagined this object to be distinctive and all-sufficient design element on the one hand and integral part of a modern interior on the other.

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 04

In an effort to bring this idea into life, we have been developing different variants of geometry for the chair legs. Also we have been calculating the correct and ergonomic angle of the seat in relation to the back. And, of course, special focus has been put on careful selection of the materials.

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 05

As the result we have got geometrically well balanced and proportional metal frame on which the seat and the back imbedded into a felt cover are placed.

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 06

On the top there is a soft cushion filled with hollofayber. When it comes to the aesthetic side of the materials, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the customer can choose the color of the metal frame as well as the color of the main and additional cushions. Additional cushion can be replaced with a bolster.

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 07

Among other things, it should not go unmentioned that we have created design for Felt&Metal Lounge Chair being inspired by Italian proficiency and Scandinavian simplicity. This interior object is designed specifically for you.

Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 08
Felt&Metal Lounge Chair 09

Designer: Design Studio PINE