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Winners Proposals Of The Luxury housing development Competition in Costa Brava.

Buildtonet has shared with us the results of the luxury housing development in Costa Brava. The aim of the competition is to develop a luxury housing project for the Russian market. International open procedure. Competition is open to professionals from all countries without restriction of any kind. Buildtonet have been announced the winners of the competition Check out the 3 winning entries below:

1st Winner

1st Prize was awared to: Amin Taha Architects



Second classified

2nd Prize was awared to: JOSEP FERRANDO BRAMONA architecture



Third classified

3rd Prize was awared to: SANJAY PURI Architects



Competition Info:
Competition method: Open international two-stages architectural design competition
Location: Costa Brava / Spain
Kind of project: Housing construction, Residential complexes
Competition status: Closed
Eligible applicants: Architects
Scope of services: Masterplan. Schematic design. Basic project