Tulipa Street Light | Mebrure Oral

Sustainable Street Light Powered by Wind designed by Mebrure Oral

The whole world is trying to find loads of ways to be eco-friendy (not in money terms) or else we might cause our own destruction! I’m worried about there being not enough devices that we use every day that are good for the environment.

So it’s extremely refreshing to see concept designs like the Tulipa, which is a wind-powered street lamp that lights up the streets at night without need to be connected to the grid. It’s built with a wind turbine, transformer, and generator that takes wind energy and coverts it into electricity, which is then stored in the battery.

The day-night sensor detects once the sun has set below the horizon, and the LED light then illuminates. The Tulipa, designed by Mebrure Oral, almost looks too pretty to be a streetlamp, and is certainly more interesting that the solar lamps already in use in some places today. All I can say is, I never expect something green to actually look so good. (No alternate meanings intended.)