Titanium Shoes Series by Bryan Oknyansky

Titanium Shoes

Titanium Shoes is a cutting edge 3D printed bespoke high heel footwear.

Titanium Shoes is a heavy metal collection using the 3D Printing Technology designed by Bryan Oknyansky. This Heavy Metal Series introduces the world’s first bespoke titanium alloy high heel art shoes using the revolutionary technology of 3D printing. The luxury is in the process, materials, and drama – nowhere else will you find a pair of shoes made from a process typically reserved for aerospace engineering and Formula 1 racing.

This Titanium Shoes collection was born from the fusion of architectural design research and advanced digital fabrication technology. The complex forms of these wearable art works are adapted to precise measurements of a human foot using cutting edge 3D scanning. The result is a fingerprint shoe just for you – at the highest level of craftsmanship, technology, luxury, and beauty.

Form the designer: The Heavy Metal Series collection was born out of a collaboration with Kimberit, a Haute Couture fashion label based in Berlin.

I was asked to design a footwear collection inspired by twilight and how it alters our perception of the world around us.

I interpreted Kimberit’s concept to apply to perception in general, how people develop pre-conceived notions of the world around them and are rarely challenged to see things differently or with a different perspective.

To create Heavy Metal Series I used 3D printing technology from 3T RPD as well as CNC machining technology at Coventry Prototyping Panels, processes that add material and subtract material to create and sculpt my shoes.