Table for a flower by VJEMY

Table for a flower is the combination of solid oak desk and raw steel tubes. The bottom side of the table is waved.

Table for a flower VJEMY 01

The holes in the surface are filled with tin and polished. This technology was used in old times in Moravia (part of Bohemia) for decorating.

Table for a flower VJEMY 02

There are only natural materials used, furthermore steel tubes are inserted into solid oak wood without any glue. The vase is detachable.

Table for a flower VJEMY 03

Table for a flower Info:

  • Material: solid oak, steel tubes diameter 8 mm, glass vase
  • Finish: linseed oil, beeswax, natural turpentine, tin
  • Dimensions: 25x25x4cm, height 100 cm or custom

Table for a flower VJEMY 04
Table for a flower VJEMY 05

About Studio Vjemy :

Vjemy is a design-architectural studio – brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler and Světlana Koženova founded in 2013. 

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