Sustainable Waterscraper Resort | Orlando De Urrutia Architecture

Orlando De Urrutia Architecture & Sustainable Urbanism designed this Water Building Resort as a sustainable Seascraper or Waterscraper  of postmodern generation (HITECH)

It was designed architecturally and inspired by the form of a DROP OF WATER when falling from the heights. It is a sustainable building, projected and thought to create conscience of the water. WATER BUILDING RESORT not contributed alone the knowledge and culture to the coming generations, if not also financial profitability for their promoters and investors.

The use is a dedicated Resort with an Acuarium, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotel, Spa service, Congresses, Conferences and permanents or itinerant Exhibitions rooms. Whose main dedications (among other) they will be thematic related with the universe of the Water, the environment and the renewable energy, their use, solutions, supplies, use and investigation (I+D).The building also harbors a Center of technological investigation (Cidemco) which will control certifications of industrial product of quality.

The design of the building allows integrating the renewable energy as reception and optimization. The facade guided in the sun, cover by photovoltaic glasses of the last technology that allow transparency and they capture the solar energy to give electricity of the build. The opposed facade in the sun, are lattices that allows the air entrance and it will be drive trough the equipment producing of drinkable water. The air when going by the central yard its aped increases and it leaves for a superior air generator , generating the electricity for another equipment.