Stylish Airline Trolleys | Skypak


Amazing Airline Trolleys designed by Skypak 

Skypak share with Urukia their Stylish Airline Trolleys product.

Here are some more details from Skypak:

We are all in search of the new crazy idea or the most desirable product. Maybe that’s something that’s really crazy, but somehow brilliant:

They are slim, smart and stylish – give you itchy feet and make you think of the sound of turbines, the travel bug and airy heights. We are talking about the highly maneuverable and functional trolleys, the space wonder on wheels on airplanes. The cheeky design highlights not only attract the eye however; they also fulfill diverse functions. Whether as a mobile refrigerator (extra points for the top compartment with a practical dry ice drawer) or a “sweet cupboard” for tasty treats – it is an ideal container for culinary delights. But that is not all – the chic, functional trolleys also make a very handy document file, DVD rack or home entertainment center. Whatever and wherever, the SKYPAK trolley is simply a must-have!