Shenzhen Luohu Friendship Trading Center by Aedas

Luohu Friendship Trading Center

Shenzhen Luohu Friendship Trade Center – A Mixed Use Tower project in Shenzhen, China

Aedas recently designed Shenzhen Luohu Friendship Trading Center in Shenzhen, China, a redevelopment project that transfigures a current department store into a new skyscraper with a 7-storey retail podium at the heart of Luohu in Shenzhen. Imitating a beautiful Calla Lily, the mixed-commercial architecture creates a green urban oasis with a vibrant, porous and staggered retail podium.

Aedas designs an urban oasis with staggered green retail arcade in Shenzhen, China

Designed by Aedas, Shenzhen Luohu Friendship Trading Centre is a redevelopment of a current department store to be transfigured into a new skyscraper with a 7-storey retail podium at the heart of Luohu in Shenzhen, China. The design creates a vibrant and porous podium by staggering up various retail boxes in dynamic and organic forms in response to the bustling surroundings, delivering a new sustainable and iconic design for the city.

Architectural form drew inspiration from nature and imitates a beautiful Calla Lily. The curtain wall wraps around the tower and resembles the elegant petals as the translucent podium rooftop. The generous petal roof brings natural daylight deep into the open-air, multiple-plane retail arcade and induces air flow current for natural ventilation.

The architecture integrates well with abundant green spaces to provide a healthy ecological ground. It features landscaped public spaces and terraces in the podium with giant leaves to provide shadings for leisure and activities. Green balconies extend from the podium along one of the tower’s edges, creating a true urban oasis in heart of the city.

Project Info:

Project: Shenzhen Luohu Friendship Trading Center
Location: Shenzhen, PRC
Architect: Aedas
Client: Shenzhen Friendship Trading Centre Co. Ltd
Gross floor area: 130,000 square meters
Completion year: 2020
Director: Wai Tang