Sculptures of Humans and Animals | Roos & Chris

Since 2003, Roos and Chris Leddy have formed the international artist duo Roos&Chris.
Both are highly fascinated by the human psychology, which is an important source of inspiration for their sculptures: blow-ups of animal and human figures in ceramics or synthetics.
They make mostly autonomous sculptures, but they also like to work for a client as this can be very inspiring and challenging.

At the basis of their work lie questions, such as how and to what extent a human is shaped and de-termined by events in his childhood, how does someone deal with power and powerlessness and how far does someone want to go in his ambitions and pursuit of perfection? What is pose and what is truth?
Why are our children sent off to war and why are others continuously fleeing? Where is our breaking point when we are taunted and which fears do we need to overcome in our lives?
With their work, Roos & Chris want to stimulate and make you think about these and similar ques-tions, as well as about the eternal, but extraordinarily interesting question of how much humour ‘serious’ art can withstand and is allowed in the art world.

A returning element in their work is the chemistry between people. By constantly using two sculp-tures that belong together, they are creating dialogue, interaction, recurrence and, thus, chemistry.
Human behaviour – even in their animal sculptures – is always the starting point.
The duo is aware that they parody and realise that seriousness and irony are not that far apart. How-ever, the following is always the case: a smile is allowed, but humour is never the motive or the ulti-mate goal.

More Sculptures images by Roos & Chris: