Rosebud Skyscraper in Fushun, China by UA studio 7

Rosebud Skyscraper


Fushun Super-tall Green Center designed based on the Rose form.

The 280m skyscraper is located in the Fushun and Shenyang junction area in china, designed by Chinese firm UA studio 7.


This project is a new class of ultra-large-scale integrated body rise from a 60-story tower and three-layer skirt, with a total gross floor area of ​​18.3 (including refuge floor) square meters, the floor area of ​​143,700 square meters, the underground area 38,280 square meters, total building height of 280 meters, 60 floors above ground floors and 2 underground floors.


The project base is located in the intersection of the Hun River Fushun Economic Development Zone in the core sector and urban landscape with functional core axis, Shen Fu Metro rare “poised”, its image will be integrated with the ring of life into the city’s landscape and visual center , embraced.


Upon completion, will have a greater impact on the urban landscape and cultural environment in Fushun Economic Development Zone, so this project is designed to ensure the harmony of architecture and environment.


Architectural scheme design ideas and features:
Shenyang and Fushun in northeast China, the historical background of diverse and complex, the city flower of the two cities are roses, beautiful and elegant, vigorous vitality.


In approximately cylindrical bud concept, passed to the urban landscape harmonious and positive message, be between wrapped in a warm and unassuming, is the right attitude.


Specific programs is based on a simple form gradually generated. Bud from a cone shape; then depicts the outline of a petal edges on the base volume, followed by the first copy of a petal to the center of rotation of 60 degrees, and then to their geometric center of rotation of 8 degrees to form a superimposed effect of each petal to Copy circle 6 petals enclosed form the final shape. Li Ning straight upward curve not only vivid, more elegant containing an upstream strive masculine power. We “Town of Flowers” to its name.


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Project Info:
Architect: UA studio 7
Client: China Vanke
Status: Competition
Type: commercial – office
Location: Fushun city, Liaoning province, china
Year: 2013
Site area: 31,080 m2
building area: 147,700 m2
Height: 280 meters
Number of stories: 60