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[RIO DE JANEIRO] Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition Winners

Winners Proposals Of [RIO DE JANEIRO] Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition

[AC-CA] Architectural Competition has shared with us the results of RIO DE JANEIRO Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition. The aim of this International Competition is to design a free standing World Cup Structure in Lapa square in the heart of Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. A total of 146 proposals that were submitted from all over the world, [AC-CA] have been announced the Ten winners of the competition  Check out the ten winning entries below:

[title subtitle=””]1st Winner[/title]

01_Main 075451 (Copy)

1st Prize was awared to:

  • Karim Hassayoune
  • Country: France
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 075451

[title subtitle=””]2nd Winner[/title]


2nd Prize was awared to:

  • Antonio Ochoa
  • Romer Valera
  • Javier Caceres
  • Maria Antonieta Loaiza
  • Country: China
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 077275

[title subtitle=””]3rd Winner[/title]

01_Main 075409 (Copy)

3rd Prize was awared to:

  • Lukas Specks
  • Gonzalo Lizama
  • Onur Özdemir
  • Country: Germany
  • Team Type: Student
  • Registration Number: 075409

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Honorable Mentions Entries:

074692 (Copy)

  • Agathe Marimbert
  • Elsa Arsenault
  • Mathieu Terne
  • Country: France
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 074692

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075426 (Copy)

  • Jaeho Kim
  • Daehyun Kim
  • Country: South Korea
  • Team Type: Student
  • Registration Number: 075426

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076050 (Copy)

  • Aonghus McDonnell
  • Country: Ireland
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 076050

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075865 (Copy)

  • Bernardo Grilli
  • Alessandro Angelelli
  • Manuela Iorio
  • Country: Italy
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 075865

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077363 (Copy)

  • Renato Ferreira
  • João Beldade
  • Mário Serrano
  • Tiago Runa
  • Country: Portugal
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 077363

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077451 (Copy)

  • Chipara Bogdan
  • Country: Romania
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 077451

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076629 (Copy)

  • Gabriele Guastella
  • François Filippi
  • Paola Malinverni
  • Tudor Costachescu
  • Country: France
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 076629

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The Jury for this International Competition comprised of the following professionals:

Pablo Resende – Architect (Brazilian).
Mario Cubeddu – Architect / Lecturer (Italian).
Jennifer Beningfield – Architect / Writer (South African).

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