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real madrid official store

Real Madrid Official Store at Gran Via 31, in the Spanish capital

Proposal: Concept Design, Brand Image, Graphic Design, Store Packaging

After winning a Restricted International Competition, sanzpont [arquitectura] was selected for the design of the Real Madrid Official Store.

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The Real Madrid Store project includes Concept Design and Commercial Implementation, Branding, Packaging, Graphic Line and Industrial Furniture Design. The club Real Madrid, Adidas and Areas opt for a very innovative and cutting-edge design, focused on the shopping experience and the creation of impression. Led by the multinational company Areas, the first store was opened at Goya, 77 in the center of Madrid, and this flagship store is located at Gran Via 31, in the Spanish capital.

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In the basement of the store we find a Special Corner, a thematic space that changes over time. Currently this space is themed as a Real Madrid bathroom, in the near future it will be a bedroom and even a full equip kitchen.

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DIGITAL DESIGN: Cutting Edge BIM Technology

The project was developed using cutting edge design tools afrom start to end based in a BIM system. “The working methodology in sanzpont is fully three-dimensional with BIM technology, we do not create drawings of a design, we create intelligent digital models of the design itself. Such models contain a digital constructive database capable of generating any type of digital information depending on the current phase of the project, in a way that to progress in the development of a project, is to advance the level of detail of the model.”

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“The information generated through a BIM system is totally reliable and very rich in visual quality, since all the elements and views are connected to the same model. This system allows you to create stunning 3D visual information of a project related in 4D timeline and its implementation phases.”

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DESIGN CONCEPT: Experience the Santiago Bernabéu

The design concept of the store is based on an experience at the Santiago Bernabeu, all the walls are lined with images that make you teleport to the center of the field, in game action. The central marquee of the stadium is reinterpreted to highlight the store cash-wrap, accompanied by a media wall and a panel lined with victories that shows all the glory of the club.

sanzpont [arquitectura]-Real Madrid Official Store Gran Via 31-008

CREATIVE CONCEPT: Glory is not by Chance

The Creative Concept is based on representing the required effort to achieve glory. It is the justification of a majestic sport career, only own by the best soccer team in history. Is a concept that at the same time it honors, praises and immortalizes the club, it states that achievements have been the result of talent, effort, struggle, dedication and determination. The fighting spirit identifies the club with his followers, is what makes us great, is what leads us to win.

sanzpont [arquitectura]-Real Madrid Official Store Gran Via 31-010

LEDs are integrated in the images of the walls to create the effects of the public taking pictures with flash. These LEDs are synchronized with the in-store multimedia system, and activated when a goal happens in the media wall screens, all these while listening to the crowded stadium. The players reflected on the walls of the store are legends that have been indispensable for the greatness and immortality in the club.

sanzpont [arquitectura]-Real Madrid Official Store Gran Via 31-011


Real Madrid accessories store is divided into three exhibition areas: Textile Zone (Official Gear and Training), Merchandising Zone and Adidas Zone. All the furniture is modular and is designed with the concept of “Ready to Assemble Modular Design”, which is designed from the minimum piece to its intelligent assembly system. This allows maximum flexibility and versatility of distribution, a more sustainable transportation by optimizing the dimensions and logistics for international expansion.

sanzpont [arquitectura]-Real Madrid Official Store Gran Via 31-012

Sustainability: Equipment Efficiency

An important factor in the concept design is energy saving and a serious commitment for sustainability, that is why 100% of the store is made with last generation LED luminaries with a maximum energy efficiency. In addition to intelligent lighting, the HVAC systems are optimized for maximum performance to minimize energy consumption. The store entrance is designed with double HVAC sealing system, besides having an automated gate that opens only when the customer enters or leaves, it has an air curtain that works intelligently.

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Project Info:

Location: Gran Via, 31
City: Madrid
Country: Spain
Area: 500 m2
Design Date: 2013
Client: Real Madrid – Adidas – Areas
Status: Completed


Concept Design, Project & Brand Image: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Project Team: Sergio Sanz, Victor Sanz, Jose Miguel Cano, Jose García, Mariano Aguado, Leobardo Martínez, Oscar Sanz, Gerard Delgado, David Gutierrez, Tania Cota
Graphic Design, Store Packaging: LDG. Miguel Angel Mendez + sanzpont [arquitectura]
Retail Business Development: Areas S.A. / Adidas / Diego Rodriguez
Project Management: Areas S.A.
Structure & MEP: Ibinser S.L.
Technical & Financial Consultants: CREA Projects / Areas S.A.
Furniture and Display Systems: Martínez Otero / vísplay
Lighting: Performance in Lighting / Lledó
Multimedia, Audio & Smell: Trison Acústica / BBgreen / akewuele
General Contractor: CYC Construcciones
Visual Components: aura / print it!